These services on this website come from the mother of an only child and only son who was killed on December 5th, 2004 while working for Pillar Resources on the site of Husky Plant in Lloydminister, Sask. This young worker was only on the job for three months and had the proper procedures for health and safety been in place this would never have happened.

The John Hennessy Foundation has been started to help not only injured workers, but to help mothers, fathers and families who have had a son or daughter killed at work.

Questions listed are just a few we can answer and help you with:

  • Who do I talk to about money
  • Who pays the cost of the death of your son or daughter
  • Where do I go about the plot and how much will it cost
  • How do I get Workers Compensation – how much would I receive
  • How do I deal with the bank
  • How can I pay the killed workers bills
  • If there is no will, what do I need to do
  • Can you expect help from the employer of the worker
  • Who helps you get the killed worker from hospital to the funeral home
  • Is there support for you from the employer
  • Who will comfort you
  • Where will I find the money to pay the bills

The Foundation has the answers to these questions as the mother and family has been through all of this when her only son and child was killed December 5, 2004.
Support for people with traumatic workplace head injury, providing and identifying and accessing services which will help by providing information.

Here is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the John Hennessy Foundation that helps improve the quality of life for workers in Canada with traumatic workplace head injuries.

Calls such as those below from workplace head injured workers are often made to the John Hennessy Foundation helpline for help and information:

  • Where can I get help to pay for my medication
  • Our family member cannot remain at home. His/her behaviour is disrupting our family
  • My friends have abandoned me and I feel so all alone
  • I cannot buy my groceries – I am out of money – it’s the end of the month
  • My wheelchair is in need of repairs, it’s very old – can you help
  • This is just a few of the calls we received – can you help me

A caller may be sent various educational materials or may receive information about the resources that are available. The caller may be referred to a local support group that will help and/or for peer support and social activities, emotional support from a caring person who is always available at the John Hennessy Foundation.

All of the John Hennessy Foundation people are knowledgeable about our services and local support services and work in collaboration with colleagues in local social services agencies, churches and schools. Most important – the people at the John Hennessy Foundation understand as you can see on our website the challenges that these workplace head injuries create for the worker with the injury as well as for his/her family.

John Hennessy Foundation is a non-profit foundation and depends on donations big or small to help those with workplace head injuries and/or to help families that have lost a son or daughter in a workplace accident.

The foundation will focus on workers and family needs and set realistic help and goals to meet their needs. Together, they decide the actions required to help improve the workers day to day activities.

The worker who was unable to buy medications on his/her limited workers compensation income will be helped and assisted in obtaining financial assistance for his/her needs.

This is just some of the help and assistance that the John Hennessy Foundation can do for workers and families.

Please donate - These injured workers and their families need help to get back to having a full and normal life.

We can provide the support and help your needs – call or e-mail to