Welcome to the John Hennessy Foundation

Grettie Hennessy's only son and child, John Hennessy-Moore 18 years old was killed on Dec 5th, 2004 when the pipe system John was working on that was not properly bolted and/or clamped down moved off the I-Beam''s and struck John in the face and head, while working for Pillar Projects Ltd out of Calgary, at the Husky Energy Plant location site in Lloydminister, Saskatchewan.

Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for survivors of traumatic workplace head injuries, serious brain damage and their families.

Services: Development of supportive services by John Hennessy Foundation will be among the best and largest foundation for workplace head injury foundation''s in the world as well as the development of head prevention procedure's and programs.

Fundraising: Whether it's a mild or severe workplace head injury the life of the injured person and their family's lives are changed for ever, the impact can be both emotionally and financially devastating…we need your help! Please send your donations to:

John Hennessy Foundation c/o Community Saving, 3001-50th Avenue, Red Deer Alberta T4N 5X6

Donations can also be made to:

The Alberta Bicycle Association at 1-780-427-6352 in Memory of John Hennessy, 11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 3K6. www.albertabicycle.ab.ca